Here’s a rare sight: a television ad that makes you smile, and you don’t even mind when it repeats several times during the show you’re watching. I’m talking about the Discovery Channel‘s “I love the world” ad, sometimes known as “Boom dee yada.”

You know the one. It starts with two astronauts in space, looking down at the Earth. “It never gets old, huh?” “Nope.” “It kinda makes you wanna…” “Break into song?” “Yep.”

The song continues with different people representing Discovery Channel shows, such as Survivorman, Man Vs. Wild and MythBusters. The final frame just has the words, “The world is just awesome,” which mirrors the print ads.

Congratulations to the many people who worked on the ad (credits here) and to agency 72andSunny for a great ad! Of course, now I have the song stuck in my head…