USB drives are useful. Mini highlighters are cute. There are magnets, keychains, stress balls, lanyards, mugs and sports bottles everywhere. But THESE are cool ways to promote your company (sadly, not available to Canadians):

*  Sharpie will personalize your pen — nothing hateful or obscene, please! — for $11.99 for six. Be inspired looking at samples done for a wedding, Valentine’s Day, a graduating class and more.

*  M&Ms can also be personalized with your name, company name, URL or very short message up to eight characters on each of two lines. You can try different things and see how it looks on the candy model. I could fit “Get It” on one line and “Write” on the next. You have to buy a minimum, such as 20 1.7-oz bags for $3.99 each or 20 1.6-oz silver tins for $4.25 each. Or get a bulk five-pound box for $130 and repackage in your own containers.

*  Lego figure as a business card. Only available to certain Lego employees, and not available to you or me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want one!

Thanks to Andy Sernovitz for the link to the Sharpie site.