Sketch of boy laughingIt has rained here most of the day, so what better time to share some of the websites that never fail to bring a smile:

I can Has Cheezburger, or LOL cats. Talk about creative writing! The silly captions to crazy pictures of cats (and occasionally other small pets) often make me laugh out loud. Like the two cats stretched up to get their heads into a garbage can (“did u finz the economee down der?”) or the cat inspecting the innards of a multi-hued pinata (“well u haz no polypz just sum skittlez”). There used to be a similar LOLsaur site featuring dinosaurs, but that seems to have disappeared.

Dooce. Well, clearly, Heather B. Armstrong doesn’t need any more link love, she of the hundreds of comments. But I just love her “Daily Chuck,” featuring photos of her two dogs, Chuck the mutt and Coco the miniature Australian Shepherd.

The Q.C. report. Quinn Cummings turned this blog into a book, Notes From the Underwire: Adventures From My Awkward and Lovely Life. And she’s doing a book tour by blog, with links on her blog to the sites where other bloggers ask questions. This comment of hers describes her style: “When I write my stories, in my mind I’m walking though Target with my friend Veronica telling her about my newest ghastly exploit.”  And this: “I’m pretty sure that if you start thinking of your loved ones as ‘material,’ you’re writing too often.”

Where do you go for a laugh online?

Image: Laughing boy by “Akarakingdoms” and