Here are some of the interesting and funny words I’ve run across recently. Most are from Buzzwhack and

  • Academic junk food: College courses with no value other than being an easy way to get an A.
  • Anticipointment: The feeling you get when a product or event doesn’t live up to its own hype.
  • Ghost work: The workload absorbed by the surviving staff after a layoff, generally with little notice or proper training.
  • Golfmail: The result of forwarding your office phone, email etc. to your cellphone, allowing you to play 18 holes while maintaining the illusion that you’re at your desk.
  • Premature officiation: When the hockey referee loses sight of the puck momentarily and mistakenly blows the whistle to stop play.
  • Rebound job: A job you take, often due to the loss of your old job, knowing it isn’t long-term.
  • Reinventing the flat tire: To make the same mistake already made before, despite extended debate and a formal vote.
  • Scooby snacks: Token compensation, usually non-monetary, given as an award. From the cartoon Scooby-Doo.
  • Urban Amish: A city dweller with no cellphone, no laptop, no iPod, no BlackBerry…

What fun words have you seen lately?