Over the wall!Whee! My husband was able to arrange work in Vancouver this week, with a side trip to Victoria over the weekend to spring me from the campus on Friday (I went “over the wall” as my classmate Max called it).

Besides being happy to see him and another couple who came out for dinner with us, I have never been so thrilled to stay in a hotel. It had a king-sized bed! Four comfy king-sized pillows! A view! Sharp contrast indeed from my lumpy single bed and bare-bones room overlooking a dumpster here at Royal Roads.

I also enjoyed some fabulous meals, with a doggie bag last night for the “starving student.” Yay! Also wonderful: a one-hour hot stone massage, breaking down the knots in my neck and shoulders from 9-to-5 days of school and assignments and paying attention.

Things I have learned and am learning about myself over these three weeks of intense schoolwork:

  • I am way more of a homebody than even I thought. Three weeks is a long time to be away from home, and I miss my family.
  • Although I love books and always thought that’s how I learned best, I am finding that a good professor brings even a dense subject alive.
  • I don’t say much in class even in a subject like writing that is my area of (some) expertise. I want to say even less in public speaking, but that’s not an option.
  • I have a new fascination with peacocks. There are so many that strut about the grounds, and I have taken way too many photos of them. A gift shop employee told me the other day that the males lose many of their colourful feathers after all those mating displays; then staff harvest the loose feathers to sell to crazy peacock-obsessed people like me. Apparently the university frowns upon harvesting directly from the birds. Hey, I was just asking.

This week is going to be intense, with a theory paper due, delivery of a solo two-minute speech, rehearsal and delivery of a group six-minute speech, and a writing assignment to do with websites. In between working on these various projects will be lots of dry runs, and perhaps some dry heaves as well!

But this time next week I will be home, and I am so looking forward to that.