The feeling of accomplishment is sweet. The unsettled feeling of something ending is a little bittersweet. And after two years of assignments and papers and textbooks and academic readings, I’m finding my new freedom a little unreal.

A classmate and I were joking that the final course of the 60 credits (shown here) in the two-year online degree program in Professional Communications at Royal Roads needed to be “re-entry to real life without school” or maybe “decompression chamber”!

Overall, it has been quite an experience.

Here’s what I won’t miss about it:

  • The never-ending parade of assignments and readings, especially when courses overlapped.
  • Sitting in the family room almost every evening with my laptop open, surrounded by textbooks or multiple lengthy academic papers.
  • The juggling act to make sure I looked after my clients and my business as well as school.
  • No time to read for fun.
  • APA style.
  • Feeling out of my comfort zone.
  • Losing three weeks of prime summer (August) for the on-campus residency each year.
  • The screech of peacocks during the residencies. Who knew such a beautiful bird could sound so horrible?

Here’s what I will miss:

Regular contact with the smart, funny, talented people who formed such a tight bond as classmates on this journey. I hope we will stay in touch with each other.