Newsletters aren't dinosaursEmail newsletters are one of the most effective ways non-profit organizations can stay in touch with supporters, and an “effective channel to send prospects to your fundraising page.” So says John Haydon, a digital marketing expert who helps non-profits and charities with marketing and fundraising.

Not according to a blogger I came across this week. She dismissed newsletters as “dinosaurs,” calling them “all over the place” and “replete with…self-promotional stuff.” She said non-profits should forget about newsletters, and concentrate on blogging instead.

It’s true that regular blog posts can help your company rank higher in search results, establish you as a thought leader and be a place to spark a conversation. But how are you supposed to make sure people learn about and read your blog? Email or an email newsletter, perhaps.

Like John Haydon, I think e-newsletters are a terrific option for non-profits. In my October newsletter, I list 10 tips to make sure they are effective, including these:

  • Show how your donor is making a difference. As Haydon says, “Donors don’t want to give money to nonprofits…They want to change the world.”
  • Segment your mailing list based on the subscriber’s interest or activity, such as first-time donors or regular supporters.
  • Don’t make asking for money the only reason a donor hears from you. Share good news and success stories. Build a relationship.

Read all 10 tips in the October newsletter. And don’t underestimate the power of your e-newsletter in supporting your goals!

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