Link to Dec newsletterFor the past few years, my December newsletter has shared some “life is short” moments. I have more – and during these pandemic times, so do many of us  – but I’m shutting the door on this dumpster fire of a year with another look at creative ways people have tried to help us understand COVID-19.

The December issue of Wordnerdery (check this more mobile-friendly version if you’re reading this on your cellphone) includes such great examples as these:

“Sticking to Covid precautions over the holidays is like a national marshmallow test [measuring a child’s ability to delay eating one marshmallow for the promise of two], and we are failing it so hard.” – seen on Twitter

“You and 9 friends are crafting. One is using glitter. How many projects have glitter?” – The spread of COVID-19 explained in craft terms, seen on Twitter

What other apt analogies have you seen? Please share in the comments.

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