You may have noticed I have somewhat of a yearly tradition for the December issue of my newsletter, Wordnerdery. Rather than talk about words, expressive writing and so on, I usually share my thoughts about something more personal.Image of a child sitting with an open book on her lap. Text says, “Laugh. Dance. Sing + more. Life lessons from my granddaughter. New in December 2023 Wordnerdery.”

The tradition continues!

The December issue of my newsletter points out that there’s nothing quite like a child to reset your priorities. Remind you of what’s important. And sure, upend your life, what with messing up your sleep and body and mind and all.

This is freshly on my mind thanks to my new granddaughter, who just turned one. (Yes, our family is over the moon!)

We are still getting to know each other, my granddaughter and I, but I can already see through her eyes. In this issue, I share 27 of the things she is teaching me – and really, these are things we all should be doing every day. There’s much to take in, from “Explore the world” and “Eat with gusto” to “Live in the moment” and “Know that you’re perfect just the way you are.”

Have a look and let me know what life lessons ring true for you. And the countdown has begun, so happy holidays to you, and thank you for visiting.


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