Image of the number 10 using a bike chain.Somehow, December got away from me (you too?). So I missed my annual tradition of collecting the top 10 most-viewed posts on my blog. Here they are!

1. Is this the year you get certified as a Communication Management Professional (CMP) or Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP)? It seems plenty of you are. I’ve collected tips for preparing for and acing the three-hour exam in Thinking about getting certified? Here’s what you need to know.

2.   In August 2021, I began posting collections of links to interesting posts I’d shared on social media. My thought was, “What are the chances people were on the specific social media channel at the time I posted this link?” These roundups have turned out to be some of the most-viewed posts. In February, the links all related to writing tips. You’ll find advice for compelling stories, better list posts and editing your own writing in Writing tips in links you might have missed, February edition.

3. In January, the social media posts all related to better inclusion. The tips touch on the Curb-Cut Effect, note metaphors that may be offensive and offer guidelines on using pronouns.

4. In 2022, we finally moved past the pandemic’s domination of the words people searched for online. I list some of these “Words of the Year” – like denier, gaslighting, goblin mode and permacrisis ­– along with some words that should be banned (GOAT, amazing) or that show “shameless doublespeak” (economic adjustment charge).

5. Every year, I gather ideas for fun gift ideas for writers, readers and word nerds. The ideas this year include a pretty journal, an encouraging mug, an “I’m with the banned [books]” t-shirt and a book Christmas ornament.

6.  A piece on marvellous metaphors was first published in the February issue of my newsletter, Wordnerdery. I found some unusual and effective metaphors, including “The prefrontal cortex is the brain’s Jiminy Cricket…It keeps us from doing stupid things.”

7.  Another collection of links you might have missed included thoughts on newsletters (such as demystifying open, click and read rates), print (including five reasons to use it) and words (like cakeage and youse).

8.  Yet another roundup of writing tips includes advice about getting back into writing after the holidays, tips to be a better writer, what you can learn about writing from Taylor Swift and more.

9  Volunteers are the engine running associations like IABC. So it was such an honour to be singled out among the hundreds in the Toronto chapter as its one Volunteer of the Year for 2023. In Update to my ‘glory’ file with a lovely honour, I talk about how and why I started volunteering.

10.  Artificial Intelligence has been in the news this year, and a popular roundup of social media links about it was Much to say about AI and ChatGPT, in links you might have missed, April edition. The links point to articles about the uses and misuses of AI and keys to getting better results through better prompts.

I hope you enjoyed this look back. As always, thank you for visiting the Red Jacket Diaries. Happy New Year!

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Image by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pixabay.