Capital "A"A post on Dan Santow‘s Word Wise blog says, “It’s bad out there and getting worse.”

He’s talking about the increasingly common habit of inserting capital letters where none are required to indicate an Important Word. He goes on to give a comprehensive list of where you do need capital letters, such as proper names, places and events.

I have received quite a few draft articles or pieces of background information that throw capital letters around like confetti, or should I say Confetti. It makes me laugh but at the same time it makes me crazy. (Maybe I’ve been in a home office too long!)

I just quietly remove the capitals and throw them in my overflowing Capital Trash Can. As Dan says:

“Capital letters — aside from starting sentences, titles, headlines, and so forth — are reserved for proper nouns. ’Nuff said. End of story. Finis. Now go buy yourself something nice.”

Image: Capital A by Bogdan Dada on Unsplash.