(I posted this earlier today, but a hard drive failure on the server hosting my site washed it away. So apologies if it shows up twice. To make up, I’ve added two bonus errors!)

We all make mistakes, but in this business, you need to work hard to keep the error rate down. Here are some of the things that I noticed slipped through the editing process of several major newspapers and magazines lately:

  • …what would peek their interest (pique)
  • …stayed a constant professional (consummate)
  • …a laid-back dress code slaps of unprofessionalism (smacks)
  • …back peddling (pedaling)
  • …peddled a bike (pedaled)
  • …in the throws of (throes)
  • …pressure to tow the party line (toe)
  • …Santa Clause parade (Claus)
  • …he diffuses posturing (I think the writer meant ‘eschews’ for ‘deliberately avoids,’ but I’m not sure!)

Please, do your readers a favour and try not to spell by ear. And if you aren’t familiar with a word, don’t guess; pick a word that both you and your readers will recognize!