Santa with a laptopDid you know that Santa’s blogging this year, and he’s planning to podcast next year? Dave Fleet, who listed what he’d do if he were Santa’s PR guy, directed me to Santa’s blog.

Sadly, the blog is no longer live, but the list of 100 things about Santa was pretty funny. It also mentioned something I ran across while editing a client’s newsletter. A headline referred to a “holiday tree.” I suggested that if it was decorated, as it was, for Christmas, it was actually a Christmas tree. Santa agrees:

“37. It’s a Christmas Tree. Not a Holiday Tree. I’m not (a) offended by your holiday symbols nor am I (b) attempting to take over your holiday symbols. Please leave mine alone. It’s a matter of respect.”

Also funny:

“23. I have been stuck in a chimney. More times than I care to admit. Blitzen carries retrieval equipment in the sleigh.”

Is Santa Canadian? Hmm, he mentions having “replenishment centers,” not “centres” to cover up, but there’s an “eh” in there that makes me wonder.

If you’re celebrating Christmas, I hope it’s a merry one. And let’s hope you’ve been good, because Santa reads every name on the naughty list!