BugRandom petty annoyances in the usability world:

  • When a web site makes me log in, but has nowhere for me to log out.
  • When a site makes me log in more than once (for instance, once to enter a members-only section, and again to comment on a discussion forum).
  • When my e-mail program randomly logs me out. Hello, I can see a security reason if I haven’t touched it for hours, but don’t do it when I’ve just used it minutes ago!
  • When my client’s Outlook logs me out when I’m in the middle of writing an e-mail. Same thing; I get the security aspect of not being touched for hours, but I’m using it!
  • When I send something to print and specify black only, but just because one of the coloured inks is low, I have to push a button on the printer itself that says “print in black only.”
  • When the printer manufacturer bugs me to fill out a survey about my printer use, saying how valuable my feedback is. Then the survey only asks things like how many printers are in the house and if I use them for personal or business use, and doesn’t offer an open-ended question where I can actually give some feedback.

But, hey, it’s Friday afternoon and the sun is shining. So I’m getting off the computer now. If you’re still on, what bugs you?

Image: Federico Stevanin and FreeDigitalPhotos.net.