Fall is that exciting time of year (for word nerds) when The Oxford American Dictionary adds new words and phrases — this year, 2,000 of them!

What’s not to like about the list? It includes abbreviations now recognized as words, like BFF (best friends forever), TTYL (talk to you later), LBD (little black dress) and LMAO (laughing my a$$ off).

It includes new phrases, like what’s not to like, less is more, my bad, get one’s arms around, like herding cats, exit strategy and be all that (as in, he thinks he’s all that, meaning he thinks he’s attractive). I’m a little distressed that “talk the talk” makes it in; that’s one of my most hated corporate sayings, along with “walk the talk” and “win-win.”

Heart” makes it in as a synonym for love, an extension of the famous “I [heart symbol] New York.”

Now acceptable words, you probably won’t be surprised to learn, are unfriend, social media, social networking, tweet and truthiness. I am most amused by Interweb (the humorous version of the Internet), eggcorn (a word/phrase resulting from mishearing another) and gal pal, which is actually one I use all the time.

Which ones do you particularly like or don’t like? Which words or phrases aren’t in the dictionary yet but should be?