I had been mulling over writing here about the times I was surprised, pleased and even floored to discover someone had (secretly) been reading this blog, and I had no idea because they never commented. Just last week, a new IABC contact mentioned that something I had said “inspired” her, to which I could only think,  wow! All right, I also thought, “Why didn’t you say so on the blog?”

By coincidence, writer David Murray blogged about just that topic yesterday, in a post cleverly entitled, “If a writer types in the forest, does it make a sound?”

He notes that “They say no one knows the influence he or she has in the world. That’s especially true of writers.”

So if you’re reading someone’s blog and something inspires you, touches you, or even just rings true from your own experience, why not take a minute to say so? The writer will love to know he or she has made a sound. And as you pass along to your friends and colleagues the treasures you find on the web — retweeting interesting blog posts, “liking” Facebook pages, sharing funny comments — please take the time to comment first.