When I launched the Red Jacket Diaries, I worried that my track record of (not) keeping up a journal would be an indicator of my abilities to keep up a blog. For a while, though, I had a rhythm going, where I paid attention to the world and made a mental or written note about various things to blog about, and followed through with posts at least twice a week.

Lately, I’ve been struggling. I’m distracted, not paying attention or making those mental notes as often, and written notes to self don’t seem to make the leap to a blog post. I’m not keeping up with the other blogs I usually follow, either. I’m spending way too much time reading and replying to email. Client work has kept my days too busy (but that’s not a complaint!) to make any headway on my schoolwork.

As for school, it’s pretty much unrelenting. Right now, there’s a weekly 42-slide (or so) presentation to review, and multiple complicated articles to read every week — and re-read several times, in many cases, to try to make sense of dense concepts like postmodernism and poststructuralism. My current course also requires a blog post once a week on our school site. We’re also supposed to discuss various concepts online every week, but I notice all of our cohort has been pretty quiet lately.

So with all this energy channelling elsewhere, something has to give, and it looks like it’s the Red Jacket Diaries, along with the rest of my online life. At least until the current course is done the end of June…

But enough of MY whining. How are YOU? Are you keeping up with all the demands on your time? How? Advice is more than welcome.

Photo credit: Salvatore Vuono and FreeDigitalPhotos.net.