When was the last time you received a hand-written note, in the mail?

It’s not that you aren’t getting in touch with or hearing from other people. You send and receive dozens, maybe hundreds of emails every day. You read newspapers and magazines and listen to the radio. You probably exchange tweets and Facebook updates, or read and write blog posts. So you’re communicating.

But there’s something about an actual letter that cuts through the noise and says, “Wait a minute. This is important. YOU are important.”

I collect my own mail from a community mailbox down the street, and most days, I find bills and flyers waiting for me. Once in a (happy) while, there’s a cheque. Even more rarely, I’ll find a hand-written note, which makes it all the more magical. I ran into a neighbour at the mailbox the other day, and we agreed how special it was to get REAL mail — and how unlikely.

Author, entepreneur, speaker and blogger Peter Shankman recently wrote a post with some great advice, including his encouragement to say thanks:

“Thank people. Not just when they do something. Thank them randomly. When you finish reading this post, send an email to your best client, thanking them for being your best client.”

Sending an email is good. But if you want to go one step better, send a note by mail.


Image credit: Digitalart and FreeDigitalPhotos.net.