It’s Friday, it’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I’ve just completed two “pulling a rabbit out of a hat” projects. Phew! Time for Friday word fun!

  • Are you good at figuring out where words come from? I can attest that this Etymologic quiz is pretty much as billed, “the toughest word game on the web.” (With thanks to Laura Spencer for pointing it out.)
  • Corporatespeak is everywhere, sadly. Here’s a fun random jargon generator from the Plain English Society, creating such gems as “We’re going forward with our plans to implement three-dimensional asset concepts.”
  • Of course, that kind of gobbledygook will definitely help you win at meeting bingo! (Pointed to by Oxford Dictionaries.) At the end of the day, you’ll hit the ground running.
  • Is the “E” in EBAY capitalized or not? What about ADIDAS? Take this Mental Floss quiz and see how much you pay attention.
  • Tossed around any insults lately? Thou paunchy reeling-ripe clotpole! What else but Shakespearean insults.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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