When IABC/Toronto asked to interview me the other day for a newsletter article about blogging, my first thought was that it was because I don’t do a very good job of it. To my surprise, that wasn’t the case, so I shared some thoughts about blogging and how I approach it. Here are some of the things I said, and a few others:

  • People expect that I will blog because I am a writer, and it has actually been useful for me to be able to show my writing style in blog posts.
  • I don’t believe anyone needs to post every day, even though you may read some advice that says to do so. No matter how famous the person, and how intelligent and interesting, a daily update isn’t necessary.
  • Likewise, you don’t need to post something lengthy every time. If your posts always seem to be really long, maybe they would be better split into multiple shorter posts. People are strapped for time and appreciate the courtesy.
  • I try to post about once a week.
  • Having said that, I won’t post something if I truly have nothing to say. Although I will admit to sharing frivolous things sometimes, like funny spam comments or word-related fun.
  • Speaking of spam, you definitely need something to catch spam comments. I use Akismet.
  • I find it helpful to keep a running Word document with random thoughts, ideas, links, etc. that might make it to a future post. Other times, something will set me off that just demands an immediate post.
  • For me, blogging is the first thing to drop when things get busy, and every once in a while, I seem to lose my blogging mojo.
  • It’s always a pleasant surprise when someone mentions reading one of my posts and I had NO IDEA they even knew I had a blog, let alone read it. So never underestimate the value of your readership.

How do you approach blogging? Do you agree/disagree with any of my comments?

Image: sritangphoto and FreeDigitalPhotos.net.