Question mark

Is there one question “you are never tired of asking and will never know the answer to”? This is the question 2014 IABC World Conference* speaker Lesley Jane Seymour referred to in her keynote session, “Discovering Your Life’s Question.” The question was also the subject of her May editorial column.

As Editor-in-Chief of More Magazine/, Ms. Seymour’s own question has long been, “How do I change the world?” She invited members of the audience to stand up and share their own questions, and here are some of them (my apologies that for most of them, I don’t know the speaker):

  • “I want to know what YOU know that I don’t know.”
  • “Is this my best work?”
  • “Am I tapping into my passion? How will I know?”
  • “Why not? What’s the worst that could happen?” (Related to trying one new thing a month. Ms. Seymour commented, “To be risk averse by staying in one place is imaginary. Nothing is secure any more. You need to be like a snail — take your home with you and move.”
  • “Is what I’m doing right?” (The moral compass.)
  • “Did everyone have a great day?” (This was something the son of my IABC/Toronto colleague Sheila Corriveau used to ask at dinner (and still does, she tells me), giving the family a chance to share the positive, or figure out how to change or avoid the negative.)
  • “What will be the climax of my life story?”

It was a thought-provoking session, and I am still thinking of my own question. What about you? Does a particular question guide your life?

*I was there, but not there — as a volunteer, I was at the hotel, but only had a chance to duck into a couple of sessions. Plus, due to personal events in my life, I couldn’t even be social. Oh well, there is always next year (San Francisco, June 14-17, 2015).

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