Are you still Christmas shopping? As the big day hurtles closer, those ads warning of “last minute” are starting to hit home. If you have avid readers/writers/word-and-punctuation nerds on your list, you might be interested in these dozen ideas, inspired by a UK site I found with 25 book-related gift ideas:

1.  “Reading is Sexy” mug
$10 from !ndigo. I received this and love it. (No longer available.)

Reading is sexy





2.  Maple leaf reading socks.
$24.50 from !ndigo (no longer available). You’re probably thinking, “Really? You need special reading socks?” I got a pair of these in an oatmeal colour last year, and they have a lining the store calls faux sherpa that will make your feet unbelievably cosy. Great for working in stocking feet, as I usually do.

Reading socks





3.  Library card notebook
$12.34 from Etsy seller ComfortablyLovely. For those who remember signing out books on cards like this waaay back. (No longer available.)

Library card notebook






4.  “I’m not to be trusted in a bookstore with a credit card” pin
About $2 from Etsy seller Beanforest. Ships from the U.S. (No longer available.)

Not to be trusted






5.  Seven-year pen with punctuation
$9.95 from !ndigo. (No longer available.)

Punctuation pen






6.    Hemingway lowball glasses with quotes (including “Write drunk, edit sober”)
$39.50 for a set of four from !ndigo (no longer available).

Hemingway glasses





7.  “Live the life that people write novels about” mug
$18.34 from Etsy. (No longer available.)

Live the life






8.  Punctuation bookends
$39.50 from !ndigo. (No longer available.)

Punctuation bookends






9.  Book keychain
$16.93 from Etsy seller StampsINK. (No longer available.)

Book keychain





10.  “There is no friend as loyal as a book” mug
$14 from !ndigo. (No longer available.)

Loyal friend







11.  “Be amazing” library stamp
$24.50 from !ndigo. (No longer available.)

Be amazing






12.  “As You Like It” vintage novel ornament
About $10 from Etsy seller noveladornment; ships from the U.S.

Book ornament







(Updated November 13, 2023.)