an iPod as a music library in your pocketSteve Jobs illustrated the value of an iPod by saying it would let you take your whole music library with you in your pocket. That’s the kind of expressive language that gives readers or listeners an “aha!” moment of understanding.

The February issue of my newsletter, Wordnerdery, shares some great examples of expressive writing that I’ve found recently, including:

Insight is like a cat. You can’t order it to appear. You can coax it. But you can’t command it.” – John Kounios quoted by Brigid Schulte in The Washington Post

“I imagine summer in Arizona can be challenging the way living in a frying pan would test anyone’s patience, but it is gloriously bright and easy in March.”
­– David McGimpsey in En Route magazine

 Read all the examples here, and come on back if you’d like to share some great finds of your own.

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