Hootsuite has an “improved experience” coming for users. Forgive me for being suspicious (too many years of seeing weasel words in corporate announcements), but I doubt they mean for those of us with free plans.

Here’s the message, complete with an odd word choice in the first line; highlighting from the Hemingway app shows most of it is considered difficult to read:

Change of access to Twitter direct messages 8/2/2018

Hootsuite's message

I’m not sure what word they wanted to use in that first sentence – deleted, probably — but it’s not deprecated, which means to express disapproval of or wish against.

I use Hootsuite to make sure I don’t miss tweets from people I follow, those who share my tweets, and oddly enough, those who send me a direct message. Hootsuite organizes it all into streams that make it easy to spot what’s new. So isn’t it nice that soon I will only be able to “read and reply to customers efficiently” by upgrading to one of the new paid plans. And notice how that key piece of information is at the very end of the announcement.

Weasel words? Oh yes.

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