IABC/Toronto insider panelNearly 28 years still seems an improbable amount of time that I’ve been out on my own. Astonishing, even. But LinkedIn has done the math, and assures me Get It Write has been operating 27 years and eight months.

Oh sure, luck played a role – and tremendous support from my family – but that length of time in business must mean I’m doing something right. Right?

That’s one reason why I’m part taking part in a panel discussion with friends/colleagues from IABC/Toronto’s Professional Independent Communicators on September 5 in Toronto.

Joining me are Sharon Aschaiek of Higher Ed Communications, 14+ years in business, and Eric Bergman, ABC, APR (and a whole bunch of other initials) of Bergman and Associates, 33 years. We’re going to talk about:

  • How we made the transition to freelancing
  • How we chose our specialties
  • How we overcame obstacles
  • How our marketing has evolved
  • And more, of course.

The three of us share a preview of our talk in this chat with another friend and IABC colleague, Donna Papacosta of Trafalgar Communications.

I’ve actually had my own business twice. The first time lasted just under a year, from a few months after I moved to Toronto from Montreal until I found the full-time corporate job I was looking for. The second time was after I left that same full-time corporate job. One thing I’m going to reveal is what I did the first time that I don’t do any more, and what’s made a difference to my business now.

If you’ve ever thought about going out on your own, or you’ve been downsized and want to freelance while looking for a new job, or if you’re already an independent and want some advice, please come to the Mattamy Athetic Centre on September 5 – and bring your questions.

P.S. We’ve been promoting the heck out of the event on social media, and every time I see my mug on it, I’m grateful to Suzanne Merrett of Amara Studios for my “no-hassle headshot”!