Scrabble game for word nerdsHappy New Year, and Happy Word Nerd Day! You know you are a word nerd when…

  1. You receive a word-a-day calendar for Christmas (featured today is Occam’s razor, “a scientific or philosophical rule that favors the simplest explanation”).
  2. Your Christmas gifts also include several books about words and/or bookstore gift certificates.
  3. You’re thrilled when The Canadian Press issues a new Caps and Spelling book.
  4. You are the go-to source when someone wonders what a word means and doesn’t want to look it up.
  5. You know a lot of words, even if you choose not to use them. (I once knew the word a friend was searching for was “exacerbate,” although it’s one I can’t recall ever using; I’d rather say “made it worse.”)
  6. You have a lineup of dictionaries, The Synonym Finder and books about writing at your desk.
  7. Your go-to game on the iPhone or iPad is Words With Friends.
  8. You still have a Scrabble board game. Bonus points if it’s a deluxe edition with a swivel base.
  9. You take it as a compliment if someone calls you a word nerd, even though you realize others may not share this view.
  10. You know that January 9 is Word Nerd Day.

Happy Word Nerd Day! Are you a word nerd? What gives you away?