Before + after signOh, my poor eyes and brain.

When I logged into my analytics last week, Google asked me to agree to new “Google Measurement Controller-Controller Data Protection Terms.” Like you, probably, I usually just click on “agree.” This time, I copied, saved and read the terms.

Google doesn’t claim it changed its terms of service to be more clear. Good thing, because that would be a lie.

The November issue of my newsletter, Wordnerdery, features a “before and after” look at the lengthy preamble to the 2,300-word terms. The Hemingway app “red flags” the sentences that are very hard to read (spoiler: almost all of them). I trim, tuck and simplify, and then run the readability stats on both versions.

Lawyers often have a hand in making terms of service dense and confusing. Run the stats and show them how you can instead make the words understood, with a link to the full and binding legal definition in all its glory.

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