Mini elf Christmas treeWhen it comes to Christmas trees, it seems people are either in Camp Real (oh, that fragrance!) or Camp Artificial (oh, so easy).

For many years, my family was away over the holidays, so for safety’s sake, we went with artificial. And having one, we keep using it. These days, I add a mini-sized “elf tree” (shown here) because my heart really lies with Camp Real. Yes, those are dog decorations. 🙂

What’s so special about real trees?

In 2015, I partnered with my friend, colleague and graphic designer Deana De Ciccio to create a just-for-fun infographic related to real Christmas trees. It includes fun facts like the most popular types of trees, how long it takes to grow an average tree, and places where Canadian trees end up (would you believe Australia and the Caribbean?). We updated the original 2015 version to this “evergreen” version last year. Click on the image below and zoom in to read it. Enjoy!


Christmas tree facts