Ostrich imposterIf a pandemic isn’t the time for internal communication professionals to stand up and shine, when will it be?

So asked participants – five respected communication professionals – in a recent Staffbase-sponsored webinar about imposter syndrome. Is imposter syndrome holding us back?

Imposter syndrome isn’t simply feeling scared, nervous or out of your depth, although many men and women may feel that, too. Imposter syndrome is feeling that your achievements are due to luck rather than ability. It’s “feeling like a fraud – that at any moment, you will be found out because your intelligence and abilities have been overestimated by others and your successes merely a fluke,” said Katie Macaulay, Manager Director, AB Comms.

The May issue of my newsletter, Wordnerdery, collects the advice from the webinar discussion, including “Imagine you have an alter ego who does amazing things and tap into that person.” I’ve added two bonus tips to their nine.

Read the tips in Wordnerdery, and do come back and comment (or send me an email) with your own advice. And remember – You’ve got this!

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