In honour of Canada Day and our 142nd birthday today:

  • A catchy and clever rap; we know that you wanna be Canadian!
  • Canadians share our 100 favourite Canadian things. Hmm, a lot of food listed (back bacon, poutine, maple syrup, butter tarts…).
  • I love that Google has a Mountie (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) saluting in place of the “L” today.
  • Speaking of which, everyone loves a Mountie. Maybe the RCMP doesn’t want us taking liberties, though. They have a long list of rules about what may be worn and when, to look this good.
  • My friend Donna Papacosta has posted an amusing “primer” for our American friends on some of the differences between our two countries.

Happy Canada Day! I’m getting off the computer now to go buy some plants, a pretty common thing for summer-starved Canadians to do on our day off.