Word funIt’s Friday, and it’s the start of a long weekend (at least here in Canada). Seems like the perfect time for some word fun!

  • Is it a piece of IKEA furniture or a type of cheese? An amusing quiz from Mental Floss.
  • Which reminds me of the pirate Guybrush Threepwood in the old video game, Curse of Monkey Island, where swordfights included trading insults. Sample: “I’ve spoken with apes more polite than you!” “I’m glad to hear you attended your family reunion.”
  • See the entertaining History of English in Ten Minutes. (Actually, it’s 11:29 minutes on the origins of words.) Sorry, no longer available!

Enjoy your weekend, however long it is! And please share if you find any great places for word fun.

Image: Tina Phillips and FreeDigitalPhotos.net.