WowSorry for what may be a misleading headline. This post is not the most epic, amazing, etc. one ever; but do you notice how so many people are casually attaching those words to any blog post?

A search for “epic blog posts” or “kick-ass blog posts” or “[insert hyperbole here] blog posts” pulls up millions of hits. You can read “How to write epic blog posts” and “How your blog posts can kick ass.” There are “Secrets to writing killer blog posts” and “How to write totally awesome blog posts.”

To those people, I say stop it. You’re exaggerating, and you know it.

I don’t care how well-written a blog post is. It’s unlikely to be truly amazing (“causing great surprise; overwhelming”), all-star (“a player chosen as among the finest in the league”), awesome (“inspiring awe; marvellous”), epic (“grand; heroic; impressive in scope”), incredible (“that cannot be believed; amazing; extraordinary”), kick-ass (“forceful, aggressive, domineering; impressive, powerful”) or killer (“impressive, formidable, excellent”).

If the post is that great (“considerably above normal or average; important; worthy of consideration”), let the readers say so.

What do you think? Are you getting tired of all the exaggeration too?

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