Glasses raised in a toastIn January 1991, the Edmonton Oilers were on their way to the Stanley Cup. R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion” was all over the radio (remember “radio”?). That year, Apple introduced the PowerBook, and Norton’s new AntiVirus launched. The average price of a home in Toronto was about $255,000; that wouldn’t even get you a shed these days.

That January, I had a toddler a little over four, a baby about to turn one, and a brand new business called Get It Write. On all counts, those days seem months or maybe a couple of years ago rather than 31.

Over the years, the business anniversary often passed by unnoticed. After a random question in 2014, I started marking the date on my calendar. Now, I make a point of celebrating this milestone and others, however small. Especially during these pandemic times, celebrating successes and small wins is something we all should do. In fact, making it through yet another year of pandemic hell seems like a perfect reason to cheer.

Last year, I talked about the early days (bulky equipment! fax machine!) and shared four tips for making it as an independent. Check it out for those tips, and links to more advice for starting and running your business, like the post originally written in 2014 on my 23rd anniversary (Thinking about hanging out your shingle? Start here). Be sure to check the comments for more great tips from my colleagues.

So cheers it Get It Write’s 31 years. And cheers to all of us, no matter what achievements we’re celebrating.

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Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash.