ChainAs we all know, the lifespan of words posted on social media is pretty short – as little as a few seconds. So when I find interesting, helpful or just plain funny posts, I like to share them. Here’s another collection of content you might enjoy and might have missed:

Writing tips

  • 6 ways to make your metaphors memorable, like “roll your own” and “create an element of surprise,” in Ann Handley’s newsletter.
  • “Long blocks of text in business writing are the written equivalent of being pinned against a wall and talked at non-stop by someone very boring and very hard to follow.” Clare Lynch shares ways to write like you speak, like use short words and sentences and “you.”
  • Nice look at some clear, effective writing related to the pandemic by Roy Peter Clark. “Slowing down a complicated process, breaking it down into practical steps, is a sure path to learning,” he says of Abbot’s at-home COVID-19 test instructions. I also loved this line: “White space is a form of punctuation, glowing lights that reveal the parts.”

Jargon and other words to avoid

Powerful stories

  • Wonderful description by Kathryn Schulz of how we fall down the rabbit hole of the internet: “We’re just in a long attentional free fall, with no clear destination and all manner of strange things flashing past.”
  • A powerful story shared by Nieman Storyboard; Bennet Goldstein interviews reporter Lane DeGregory on “Twelve hours in a Florida COVID-19 ICU.” Oh my heart.
  • Yet another fascinating read from Nieman Storyboard. Chip Scanlan talks to John Woodrow Cox on the immersive reporting in a compelling story on gun violence.

What other interesting links have you spotted? Please share in the comments or drop me a note.

Chainlink image by Wsyperek on Pixabay.

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