I scared myself last week by turning down two jobs. Two!

Before you wonder how well my brain is functioning, let me tell you why I turned away work, and why you should seriously consider doing the same when you have the option.

  1. Both jobs had unreasonable deadlines; I would have had to drop everything else to meet them.
  2. Both jobs overlapped a week where I already have deadlines to meet for good clients who give me recurring work with advance notice.
  3. The projects were not something I do best (such as newsletters, case studies, “warm and friendly” style), so I knew they would take me longer than usual to do well.
  4. One required several in-person meetings at a location at least an hour away from my home office, which would eat up the time I needed to meet my other deadlines.
  5. All my instincts cried out, “No!”

Oh sure, I’ll admit it was difficult turning away work. However, I have learned over years of running my own business to listen to my gut feeling about a job. It’s a philosophy that has helped me keep my life balance and keep from tearing my hair out. And I do believe it leaves space in my schedule for the work that does suit my style and strengths.

What about you; have you turned away work? Has it been the right thing to do?