As summer comUnder the hoodes to an end, I was digging around under the hood of the Red Jacket Diaries to find the most popular post over the season. Turns out it’s the collection of tips about pricing, follow-up and other areas of independent business from the June meeting of IABC’s Professional Independent Communicators.

While in there, of course I had to see what the top 10 posts are so far in 2013. They are:

  1. Here’s why you want to blog, about the value of having a blog (actually an all-time fave as well).
  2. Help your website seal the deal, with tips for helping customers buy from you (also an all-time fave).
  3. Ease up on the exclamations for better effect, about not! going! crazy! with! exclamations!
  4. Show your personality! Ask Google; people love it, about being human and real in your communications.
  5. Boring topic? 3 secrets to spin straw into gold with tips for writing about topics that may not seem sexy.
  6. Writing for the web? Plan on impatient readers, with advice from web usability expert Jakob Nielsen.
  7. It’s ironic; are IABC members being heard? I think that says it all.
  8. A newsletter for the ‘shoemaker’s’ daughter, about launching my newsletter. (Are you a subscriber yet?)
  9. Are you keeping in touch with clients?, on my embarrassing lapse in contact.
  10. Make your endorsements meaningful, about those casual LinkedIn ‘likes.’

Do you have a favourite?

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