Firefighters using hoseKeeping up with the famous “firehose” of information on the internet is impossible at the best of times. During the summer? Even more unlikely.

So once again, I’ve collected some of the helpful tips and fascinating reading encountered on the internet and shared on social media:

Writing tips


Long reads via Nieman Storyboard

  • As a man grieves his dog, he argues that the best writing is as much about the feeling as it is about the words. Wade Livingston’s Lessons in good writing from the love of a good dog. OF COURSE I cried.
  • A fascinating annotated story (with questions about structure and wording) – this one by Trevor Pyle about Lauren Hough’s “Getaway Driver.”
  • A moving story about reporter Esmé Deprez’s journey to help her father die, and a close look at the writing by Chip Scanlan.


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