Image of metal linksKindness. Compassion. Respect. These aren’t necessarily words you associate with social media, are they? Surprise! They feature in my latest roundup of social media posts you might have missed, these specific to employee communication. I also found some interesting posts related to word choice.

Employee communication

Is your workplace kind? Are your values and company culture fostering or inhibiting an environment of kindness?  Brilliant Ink has tips for “How to infuse kindness in the employee experience.”

A flashback to three tips for compassionate communications, by Jennifer Mooney. I love the idea of a welcome kit to the door as part of “compassionate onboarding.”

Layoff announcements that are respectful and humane? What a concept. Beth Haiken describes how it should be done, reminding execs to be as honest, clear and kind as they can.

It’s sad there are so few examples of companies getting layoffs done compassionately. Sean Devlin finds plenty of “done poorly” and one done well, in which people could keep their laptops and say goodbye.

Why you should hold a communications post-mortem (if only to ask three things that went well and three things that didn’t) and five questions to ask, by Peter Osborne via Gini Dietrich.

I especially like “Measure what you treasure” and “Show employees how you’re applying their feedback.” Justin Joffe reports on Ragan’s Employee Comms and Culture conference. (“Templatizing” though? Ugh).


Here’s a fine list of commonly confused words from I would add compliment/complement and discreet/discrete to the list.

Have you ever mispronounced a word? I used to think “biopic” was pronounced like “myopic” – bi-OP-ick – rather than BIO-pick. It’s in this list of 10 commonly mispronounced words, AKA “misles.” (LOL to “coworker.”) By Ellen Gutoskey and Mental Floss.

Did you know that a “jiffy” is an actual measure of time? It is one-fiftieth of a second, according to Gareth Mitchell and Science Focus via University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.

You’ve heard of “influencers;” now there are ‘”granfluencers.” Imagine, listening to your elders! Via PRDaily.

13 words you shouldn’t say after or with “I’m sorry,” including “but” and “regrettable.” Also, never mind “I’d like to apologize” or “I regret” – just do it. Via Mitchell Consky

What other helpful, interesting or surprising posts have you found online? Please share in the comments or drop me a note.

Image of links by Henry Perks on Unsplash.

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