Image of open hood of a carAs we take a breather before Canada Day and launching into the second half of 2014, here’s a look at the most viewed content on the blog so far, as revealed by poking around under the  blog “hood”:

  1. Thinking about hanging out your shingle? Start here rounds up my best advice for starting your own business, from my perspective as a seasoned independent writer.
  2. Meeting new website accessibility guidelines will actually help your search results, as described in this recap of a session on the rules.
  3. Cancer is merciless. My heartfelt tale is in Life is short; get screened.
  4. I lament the tendency of some bloggers to label their posts as epic, amazing, all-star and so on when they are not, while using the same words.
  5. One of the most popular posts about writing discusses “a murder of crows” and other collective nouns.
  6. 4 quick ways to get your workspace organized summarizes tips from a professional organizer.
  7. Polar vortex and other frosty words match the cold winter.
  8. I have thoughts on email newsletters, as shown in a dozen don’ts.
  9. Crowdsourcing ideas for a Toronto shopping guide for the 2014 IABC conference helped produce the final you can download from this post.
  10. What “Tell me about yourself” really means and other career advice in this “Storified” recap of a session.

Thanks for reading!

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