The best of the Red Jacket Diaries in 2016

Best of the blog 2016As 2016 winds down, here’s a look back at the most-viewed posts in the Red Jacket Diaries over the year.

As I like to tell people, words are my business. So no surprise that I often blog about words and writing:

  • Players of Scrabble and Words With Friends are always on the lookout for new words allowed in official games, and this post also shares some of the tips I’ve learned from my wily Words-playing Mom.
  • The term “man-hours” prompted a look at inclusive language. Why? Because it’s 2016, and that word is still around.
  • In an Olympic year, we had lots of opportunities to hear the latest Olympic jargon, like “to medal” and “to podium.”
  • I used to like the word “resonate,” but it’s been over-used in so many corporate situations that it is now jargon.
  • A photo caption doesn’t have to tell the whole story, but it should capture attention. Here are more caption guidelines.

I often talk about my experiences as a freelancer:

I also summarize interesting events I’ve attended:

Thank you for stopping by, and taking the time to read and sometimes comment. See you in 2017!

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