Top 10Thank you to the people who took the time to read (and sometimes comment) on the Red Jacket Diaries this year! Here are the 10 most-viewed posts in 2014:

  1. Polar vortex and other frosty words were newly popular in a cold winter.
  2. How dictionaries decide to “let in” new words like binge-watch and adorbs.
  3. Thinking about hanging out your shingle? Start here includes lots of advice on starting your own business.
  4. Using good design and clear, simple writing are just two of the ways making your website accessible is good for SEO, too.
  5. A post that laments the sorry tendency of bloggers to label their posts epic, amazing, all-star, etc. while, um, using the same labels.
  6. Having fun with collective nouns, like a murmuration of starlings or a murder of crows.
  7. Tips to organize your work space to help you manage tasks, emails and more.
  8. My heartfelt plea to get screened for colon cancer.
  9. Sending an email newsletter? Here are a dozen don’ts.
  10. Links to great pricing resources for freelancers who struggle with what to charge.

Thanks for reading, and see you in 2015!

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